CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION is committed to provide High Quality Seeds of all crops, CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION has been consistently focusing on Research & Development, meeting the existing needs of the farmers and the agriculture industry. To achieve the above objective, CHATTHA SEEDS places a strong emphasis on research in its plant breeding programmes. Highly qualified and competent plant breeders work rigorously utilizing new germplasm and modern technologies to develop traditional and hybrid varieties in different crops which possess higher resistance to pests, diseases and enhanced quality and offer extensive adaptability. CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION has an advanced R&D unit with fully irrigated research farms covering all agro-climatic zones of the country.


CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION has large scale Production and Multiplications Farms in different parts of the country. We produce different crop seeds in various locations keeping in view the different agro-climatic zone. All these Farms are managed by qualified Agricultural Experts. We ensure to produce and supply high quality seeds with higher yield performance.


It is very important to dry and store the seed in the allotted time for best performance. Seed moisture is brought to the recommended level for seed storage. Seed drawing uses a technique that does not affect its germination and production.


CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION has state of the art E Seed Processing Units. After drying Procedure of seed processing as under:

  •  Pre Cleaning
  •  Fine Cleaning
  •  Gravity Separation
  • Indent Cylinder
  • Seed Treatment
  • Packaging and Storage


CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION has a state of the art Quality Control Laboratory equipped with all necessary facilities to ensure best seed quality. The following flow-chart activities depicts the different stages of quality assurance.


CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION aims to satisfy the farmer’s demand for reliable supply of a range ofimproved seed varieties of assured quality at an acceptable price. To ensure the availability of our products among the farmers we establish a well-trained Field Force to assist the Sales Team and our Distributers


CHATTHA SEED CORPORATION also educate its team for the benet of farmers. Through this, the marketing and extension teams reach out to farmers and educate them on latest developments in crop production technologies, crop agronomy, pest disease management, weed management and also post-harvest management and market dynamics. These services are offered as a service to the farming community without any commercial objective.